Creation Station

Creation Station is a great place to bring kids and tweens, as we have hands-on craft panels that, while open to everyone, are specifically aimed to appeal to kids and tweens. Scroll to the bottom of the page for a table listing our G-rated hands-on crafts and art activities for kids and tweens. 

This is OryCon’s fourth year hosting a Creation Station, and we truly hope and intend to continue our collaboration for many years to come! We love OryCon devoutly and are very grateful to be here :D .


Creation Station is a crew, an overall gestalt approach to programming, and a room full of exciting workshops and events, from the most G-rated to the most 18+, all con. All but two of our panels are in the Washington Room of the Executive Meeting Center; the other two, right across the hall in Jefferson/Adams. Our Art Contest is in collaboration with the Teen Lounge; art supplies will also be available there during it.


Our overall gestalt approach to programming is to be a warm welcome wagon for anyone, of any age and any skill level, who is new to something – new to OryCon specifically, new to science fiction cons generally (especially if bridging from anime cons, as our crew did), or especially, new to being a panelist, or new to experimenting with a type of fan creation taught in one of our panels, or new to experimenting with a type of fan performance encouraged in one of our panels.

Our panels are all about audience participation. They are usually either DIY, teaching attendees how to engage a type of writing, editing, art, craft, costuming, cosplay, etc.; or they are hands-on crafts, usually with attendees leaving with something they can take home, including our crafts for the youngest kids; or they are open mics for audience participation, including our most adult-only panels.