Programming highlights

  • Saturday afternoon, we’re going to host Cort and Fatboy, famous Portland geeks, for a live, one hour round of Geek Trivia in the main ballroom. There will be prizes. There will be geeks. Geeks and prizes. What more could you ask? (Okay, yes, I know the obvious answer, but there won’t be any munchies unless you make a separate trip to Hospitality.)


  • We will also have a presentation of Name That Signature following Geek Trivia. Some authors’ signatures are extremely, well, less than legible, and in some cases, it’s even questionable that it can be considered a signature at all. Can you identify the scrawl of a famous author? Check this out Saturday afternoon in the main ballroom at 2pm.


  • This year features an expanded Children’s Programming track in Broadway. This will include readings, song, and some arts/crafts. It’s not a replacement for child care — no infants please, and no children who cannot take care of themselves for a half hour or hour — but we believe it will be especially well suited for those younger members “who aren’t babies any more” and are “bored now, can we go to the Dealer’s Room?”.


  • The popular panels from Creation Station will be back, including three panels for you Whovians on Friday night.


  • Reading and signing sessions where many of our panelists will be available to read or sign their latest (or their oldest, depending on their history) offerings. Readings are happening in the Grant room, with one or two exceptions, and signings will be Saturday in a separate area near the Art Show.


  • Apocalyptic panels: how would you survive an apocalyptic event? No, really! Luminaries from the Zombie Squad will tell you, in all seriousness, how one might best be prepared for disasterous events — Saturday morning at 10:30am.